General conditions for sale of tickets through the MoodieApp

Last updated: Oct. 23. 2019

The Moodie application (the Moodie App)provided by Moodie ASis aplatformused by young people for organizing theirnight life. One of itsfunctions is to let users purchase tickets to events through theMoodieApp. Thus, it has also beendesigned to help event organizers to promoteits events and sell tickets. Specializing in the Night Life segment, Moodiecangiveyou access to thousands of users, who arespecifically looking fornight life experience. Moodie offers a range of services, including guestlist, electronic queue, in-app promotions, ticket sales and more. When youregister as an organizer on Moodie, you will receive full access toall ofthefeatures.

1. Limited Liability

Moodie is a service platform, where Buyers and Sellers and meet each other and interact. The business relationship is between the two parties – Seller and Buyer, thus Moodie will not be responsible for any business or operational claims from either party.

2. Price

Moodie charges a fixed fee of 5% + NOK 5 per ticket sold. The fee for use of platform will be added to the ticket price quoted by the organizer and displayed for the buyer, thereby allowing organizer to collect all funds from ticket sales. If a refund is requested by the buyer, it will be for the organizer to decide on refund. Please note that Moodie fees are not refundable.

3. Payout

Standard payout will be transfer of all collected funds minus Moodie’s fee to your bank account on the first (1st) business day of the month, for the previous month. A summary of sales will follow the payout in a separate PDF document. Different payout models can be discussed and agreed individually.

4. Refunds

Moodie, acting as a service intermediary platform, is not responsible, nor liable for any refunds that Seller agreed to perform, or was requested to perform. All refunds are managed by the Seller itself. Please note that Moodie fees will not be refundable.

Moodie may technically assist with refund of tickets according to separate agreement and provided guarantees from the Seller. At no instance Moodie will be obligated to handle refunds, provide help with refunds or in any other manner manage refunds on behalf of the Seller.

5. Organizer support

Moodie is available for Sellers support through or by the provided contact information at

The Seller handles all sales and administration from the Moodie admin panel, but Moodie customer support is always accessible for sales support, promotional support and tech queries.

6. Customer support

Moodie is a service platform, and not a seller itself, thus Moodie can only provide technical support for application users. All support regarding business queries must be handled by the seller. All queries, other than technical support, will be forwarded to the seller.

By using platform, you agree to these General conditions for sale of tickets through the Moodie App.